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Siwer Ohlsson

Siwer Ohlsson

Siwer Ohlsson was born in Sweden in 1940. At the age of 15, he decided to become a photographer and dropped out of school. Siwer got a job at a photography store where he was an apprentice for three years, learning about darkroom and camera techniques as well as working out in the field, among other things travelling around Sweden taking pictures of school classes.

In 1958, Siwer got another job as an assistant to three top fashion photographers in Stockholm. His ambitions as an artist started to develop as he learned more about lighting, color composition and backgrounds in the world of fashion and models.

Just like many other artists, Siwer then took on a nomadic lifestyle, travelling all over Europe until settling down on the south coast of Spain in 1962. In order to survive he had to start shooting souvenir pictures of the tourists that had started invading the area because of the cheap plane tickets to Malaga.

Around this time, some European magazines had started showing bikini girls on their front cover pages. With his background in fashion, Siwer started looking for suitable models on the Spanish beaches. This would be the start of his career. He became one of the first photographers in the world pioneering the glamour genre. Since then, Siwer has crisscrossed the globe innumerable times doing photo shoots in every exotic environment imaginable.

Through the years, Siwer Ohlsson’s pictures have been published in magazines like Playboy, Penthouse, Neue Revue, Quick, Gallery and Fib-Aktuellt. Many of his models have pursued successful careers in fashion and cinema.

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